Water Damage Photo Gallery

after water restoration

Water damage restoration

Before and after of a bathroom restoration. 

After the water loss, the client also started noticing a bad odor and we found bacterial growth. We finished this job in time and form and the owner was amazed by the results. 

Flooded kitchen restoration

Flooded kitchen restoration

This kitchen was left flooded after a dishwasher malfunction. We removed the cabinets and dealt immediately with the inundation to prevent mold and further damage.

Our drying equipment was left all night to ensure the kitchen was completely dry before proceeding to reinstall the cabinets and reconstruct the drywall.

Drying equipment

Drying equipment

Before proceeding to this kitchen restoration, we ensured that the floors, wood, and walls were completely dry.

Our drying equipment was left on all night and our readings proved that the job was successful.

Our client was really happy with how fast this restoration was managed.

Broken water heater

Broken water heater

On a Sunday noon, we received an emergency call; a leak on the water heater resulted in brown spots in the kitchen's ceiling.

Fortunately, they put their water damage into the hands of professionals over at SERVPRO and were thrilled with the outcome.

Pipes exposed with flood cut

Kitchen water loss

In SERVPRO, we work so hard so you can have the best results. In this case, it was a water loss problem. Once the client changes all the plumbing, we start working with the outcome of taking all the water out and drying everything.

If you ever have this kind of situation, contact us, and we are here for help 24/7!

Backflow from bathroom drain

Backflow from bathroom drain

An unwanted water flow in the reverse direction can sometimes contaminate the potable water. For example, the toilet flush cistern and its waste came back through the shower and bathtub drain system.

Microbial growth in kitchen

Microbial growth

In this case, our client contacted us to help him with a water damage problem than ended up being also a mold issue.

We went to start managing the problem, and when er ended up taking off the dishwasher, we saw there was a broken pipe that led to a mold situation in the back.

We could fix it as quickly as possible and remediate the two issues, and our client was pleased with the results.

Ready to Serve the Community!

Ready to Serve the Community!

Here at SERVPRO Garden Grove West Stanton, we are always ready to serve the community!  Call us now for your emergency water damage, fire damage, mold remediation & reconstruction needs!

No job is too dirty for us!

Our technicians are water certified by the IICRC and they know the difference between Category 1, 2 and 3 water. Do you know your categories? Give us a call at 1(714) 622-5096 if you have  any overflow problems, we are here to help!